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Investment strategy management with AI

from asset allocation analysis to automated trading

A.I. Factory

AI-based investment strategies are constantly updated and characterized by different risk-profiles to limit portfolio volatility and to guarantee a stable growth.

Why A.I. Factory?

Analyzing the market, our artificial intelligences develop several investment strategies.

Automate approach

The tool to automate your approach investment strategies and automate funds' approach

Our systems operate on the market and manage autonomously your funds

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation

    Sentyment exploits artificial intelligence to adjusts the mix of asset classes analysing several real-time markets and creating the opportunity to invest. Sentyment reduces the time dedicated to data analysis for more than 90%.

  • Automatic trading

    Sentyment manages portfolios composed by several assets using AI-based investment strategies. Every AI automatically executes orders buying and selling the assets minimizing the human effort needed.

  • AI insights and forecast

    Sentyment is not a black box. It tells you when and why it will be making its investment choices. It helps you understand market's sentiment with plots and customized reports.

Our Team

Alessandro Turetta
Andrea Bellacicca
Jacopo D'Aniello
Data Scientist
Diana Buhay
Data Visualization
Simone Sottile
Cloud Developer
Giorgia Carresi
Business Communication
Federica Zardoni

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